PENDEJO! – “Volcan”

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(Chancho Records/Idvi Agency) 2023.
Various metal/rock genres – NETHERLANDS

Meeting with the music of group Pendejo! was a nice, great and new experience. I have received their actual CD from “Idvi Agency”, titled “Volcan”, and this is their fourth album. Fourth release of group based in Netherlands, practicing singing in Spanish. This is unusual combination, but group’s message and music views are also pretty interesting.


Pendejo! on aggressive way combine elements of various metal/rock genres, with often including of brass elements.Their also narrative approach in different variants offers more unusual music segments, rooted in metal, which extend mostly to stoner, but also to numerous other elements of the rock approach.
Non-classical challenging arrangement solutions, frequent rhythm changes, additional playing steps where the richness of the sound of no moment is missing, is characteristic of their prepared material.



Although it may sound funny, listening to certain parts of their songs, you get the impression that you are at a party or siesta, but their seriousness and clear attitudes proved that they are a very serious band. Fore more information check them out and find them at…