THE ROSE PHANTOM – “Midnight Piano”

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(Self-released) 2023.
Ambient/dark wave/piano music/various genres – USA

Out of South Lake City comes The Rose Phantom, and this is the alter ego of  Theodoric Newsom, pianist/vocalist/songwriter, whose musical story, as same as his indie discography started in the first part of post 2000.



The Rose Phantom is indie musician and composer who realizes his recordings/albums/songs on different ways. “Midnight Piano” is an actual full-length, available  on CD and digital, where we can find 13 tracks in. Only piano, and vocals and atmosphere , full of sorrows, depressive segments and dark elements, full of typical of the author’s displayed emotions. Atmosphericity and often unexpected vocal expressiveness greatly affect the final message of the songs.



It’s interesting how a piano interpretation ” in a small space”, manages to say much more than a large number of instruments in a different, but genre-like environment.
“Midnight Piano”, reveals the different potentials of The Rose Phantom, which in its authentic way sends its message to the potential listener.