ROBERTA ROMAN – “La Petite Naples, operation Sultan vol.2”

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(Entourage Contempo/Absilone/Socadisc/VeevCom) 2023.
World music/canzone Napoletana/various genres – FRANCE

Roberta Roman is established French guitarist/author and artists, and her musical views as well as compositional confrontations deviate from the usual known standards. The current work represents a sort of conceptual album, which simultaneously examines historical and political events, which were followed by the tragic fate of Second world war.



For the instrumental part Roberta Roman invited several musicians as a : Marisa Mercade, Micheče Pierre, Vincent Beer-Demander, Claude Salmieri, Antonella Mazza… Here are also  singers, narrators, rappers : Petra Magoni ( Italian singer ), Manu Theron  (Marseilles singer ), Raiz ( Neapolitan singer ), Akhenaton ( rapper ), Lucariello ( Italian rapper ), Vincenzo Volpe ( voice narrator ).



This album is also social and ideological project, which from the perspective of wartime events, reveals the unbreakable connections between Neapolitan and French citizens. On the other hand, the prepared performance concept strongly touches the traditional Neapolitan musical roots, which is combined with world music additions, hip-hop connections, spoken-word details, and “mixed” with occasional “opera” narrative pastiche. There’s no doubt that it is an interesting, but very long and seriously prepared concept, which will make you listen to this album, more than once.