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(Musical Eschatology) 2022.
Experimental/avant-garde jazz – USA

What an album recorded by three saxophonist might look like? Three experienced musicians through session form, offered their view of avant-garde/experimental tendencies through jazz expression. The final result, as a rule, usually differs from case to case, according to the opinions of the listeners.


Danny Kamins, Vinny Golia and Garrett Wingfield have recorded, mixed on “TV Tray Studio” in Ojai, California, 7 instrumental tracks, as a kind of session, and sort of mutual sound dialogue. Of course, during the performance of the tracks, they changed instruments, showing a high level of their performing abilities. Danny and his mates are faithful to avant-garde jazz /experimental tendencies, whose roots are in the 60’s and 70’s period of the previous century, but with the added “spice” of this time. This trio “drops” a large number of sonorous dissonant scores, extracting huge energy during their playing. A number of different ideas flow through this non-stop session, which extracts the maximum knowledge from each musician. This is also one of those releases that requires constant listening attention, as well as an analytical approach.
Look for them and check them out on various streaming platforms, as well as on available CD, and if you have the chance don’t miss to face them, at one of the concert session.