MARY GANTLEY – “Late Nights”

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(Self-released) 2022.
Americana/folk/melodic rock/pop – IRELAND

Mary Gantley is talented singer/songwriter active some short period.She is from Tullyallen, Co.Lout, and firstly she has introduced to audience with few singles, and later on wih debut full-length with 11 tracks in, entitled “Late Nights”. She has penned 10 tracks, 1 is cover, and album has been recorded in “Abbeylane Studios”, Drogheda, Co.Louth.



Even that her music finds inspiration in the rich legacy of Americana as a genre, as well as Irish folk, her interests are much richer, and her musical approach is significantly greater. Her pleasant voice represents her strong weapon. Although the arrangements of the songs are simple, they are very cleverly places and handled.We can find also enough traces to the period of the specifically British 80’s pop, and several semi-ballads are true proof of such opinion. “Late Nights” as a album has some form of laid-back atmosphere, which can be very pleasant to the listening ear, as well as to a wider listening audience.




My personal favorites from the album are the opening track “Smiling”, and the last two – “Empty Chair” and “Amien Street Number One”, but it can be said that the album is generally balanced and has creative coherence. I would like to add at the end of my personal impression, that an important element of her authorial and performing quality is the way in which she combines the music of the 80’s with the current moment, never giving the potential consumer to think of her works as a retro or vintage style.