INGER HANNISDAL – “North South East West”

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(Jazzland Recordings/OK World) 2022.
World music/Norway folk/Arabic folk –  NORWAY

A couple of weeks ago, I have received a debut CD of Inger Hannisdal , Norway born and based violinist and composer. She is well-educated musician, and her interesting sphere among others touches traditions of Arabic music as same as for Norwegian folk. Before the realization of her album, she had a lot of experience as a musician, and researcher of different music forms.



Her album “North South East West”, with 10 instrumental tracks in, are inspired both by Norwegian folk music and by Arabic maqam, featuring quarter tone  melodies and uneven time – shared characteristics of the two traditions. An important role on the album went to : Norwegian accordion virtuoso Frida Haitli, Maroccan saxophonist and percussionist Khalid Laaouuam, double bass player Adrian Myhr, and drummer from Slovakia – Michaela Antalova.




The themes from the album generally holds one recognizable line, but during the interpretation, frequent instrumental duels, unexpected rhythm changes, as well as the presence of different atmospheres and moods, characterize the music from the album. At  the same time, we have the opportunity to hear the high performance qualities of each instrumentalists individually.
As a composer, and at the same time producer of the album, Inger Hannisdal has shown that she possesses great musical knowledge, which will only develop in the forthcoming days, months and years.









 the opportunity to hear the high performance qualities of each instrumentalist individually