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(Kakafon Records/Hemifran) 2022.
Folk/roots music/medieval – SWEDEN


Before starting her career in the so-called modern music, pianist, singer and author Nina Akerblom Nielsen, has already left a significant mark as a singer , receiving a master’s degree in singing at the “Royal Academy Of Music”, touring the world with several baroque ensembles. And as she likes to describe and explain, her fields of musical interests belong to crossing varieties.



In 2018. she has released “Some Solitary Wander” album, with which she drew public attention to her artistic interests. The current release “Tid”, which contained 10 tracks, was  marked by the painful fact, that during the middle of recording, her life partner, singer and saxophonist Peter Hjalmarsson, lost his battle with cancer.





The album itself represents a kind of conceptual release, where we encounter different emotional states of the author, as well as different musical and stylistic confrontations. But all that together represents a special harmonized uniformity. So, we can find here and there elements of folk/roots music, music of earliest era, with additional of some medieval traces too. I would add, that all of that together sounds like a good mix from start to finish. “Tid” is also very listenable release, without technical or production flaws.