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(Tee Pee Records) 2022.
Psychedelic/space rock/progressive/fusion/kraut rock – DENMARK


Mythic Sunship are an established and experienced band from Copenhagen, Denmark, with 6 albums in their discography. They are also a highly regarded act in the progressive/psychedelic community.



Their very high-quality albums reveal the wide performing and authorial views of the members from band. So, the same situation is also with their actual release, entitled “Light/Flux”, where we can find 6 longer instrumental tracks.




Mythic Sunship in a modern way combine elements of psychedelic/space rock, with progressive/fusion variants, with additions of older kraut rock spices. And practically all the time, they are improvising in their own way, while the playing skills and performing energy of the band members, lead the “story” successfully to the very end. What can I say other, than that offered ideas are very compelling and convincing.