THE HAZE PALQUI -“Chamanic Palqui Experience”

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(Self-released) 2022.
Doom/stoner/psychedelic – CHILE

Out of Penaflor, Chile comes an interesting act called The Haze Palqui. They are trio, and some period ago, they have released debut album with 4 longer tracks, entitled “Chamanic Palqui Experience”.



They have reproduce pretty original and interesting sound, and group combines elements of doom, stoner and psychedelia.
They sing in Spanish, and their music also posses elements of  Shamanic imprinting from Peñaflor.



Their sound is too hard, too slow, dark, with many so call depressive angry moments, where complete band all the time sounded like a well-coordinated team. They know to be monotonous at times, but in the end they offered some of their original vision of the author’s potential.