STEVEN GRAVES – “Don’t Ever Stop : The Nashville Sessions”

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(Self -released/Hemifran) 2022.
CD/EP /digital
Americana/rock/roots music – USA


“Don’t Ever Stop: The Nashville Sessions” is a new EP from Steven Graves,and his 10th release, recorded after “All Alone” album, from previous 2021. year.




Mr. Graves is cant -author with broad emotion views, and composer with excellent knowledge of the roots tradition. He recorded the current EP with established musicians. Soothing atmosphere and the aforementioned strong emotionality are the characteristics of all five songs from the release. In general, his musical breakthrough can be placed in any immediate or past musical period. Of course, it cannot be a hindrance for a potential listener.





His expected stylistic/expressive approach, once again confirms the previously recognized author’s way of thinking, as well as the way of interpretation itself. The current author’s creation contains qualitatively uniform material, mostly performed in mid, rarely mid-up tempo. I would add, that  the song “What You’re Looking For”, is my personal favorite from the release.