SCOTT ERICKSON – “Real Love” (digital EP)

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(Self-released) 2022.
EP /digital
Power pop/melodic rock – USA

Mr.Scott Erickson is  musician from Northeast/Central Pennsylvania. During the previous years he worked with the bands and solo. He likes to perform, specially “live”, and under the music boundaries give his own visions and views.


These days he has putted on “Bandcamp” page 6 songs from the actual EP release, entitled  “Real Love”.
Scott and his band members have given one interesting variant of power pop and melodic rock elements, where offering songs posses melodic dimension, relevant harmonization and similar presentation.




I would specially mention nice version of well-known song “The Ballad of John & Yoko”, where Scott sung in original way, and  whole band has given pretty original and fresh arrangement. Complete presented material from EP is  listenable  and deserves radio friendly using.