JACO – “Trace”

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(Bervatim Music) 2021.
Indie rock/pop/alter rock/90’s rock – USA


Few days ago, I have received a whole   opus/  solo works of Birmingham, Alabama, USA based artist – Jaco. He has been pretty active last years, and with actual one, he has released a three albums.
Previously, he worked with  the Vulture Whale band, and he was a drummer. Now, as a singer/songwriter, he has offered something different , and in the same time interesting.




“Trace”  actual release, from December of 2021. is an album with 10 tracks in, deeply inspired with the 90’s music, but I would add, with artist vision and views of 90’s legacies. With an interesting and sometimes unusual lyrical approach, he mostly communicate with power pop and alter rock tendencies, with mentioned 90’s touches, and also additional of hidden grunge and also hidden psychedelic traces. His songs posses evident melodic lines, but arrangements structures are different from song to song. But, his performing energy and authors attitudes are fresh, and in  the some way pretty authentic.




I would also say, that under the mentioned genre’s influences, Jaco has found his own style and perception. “Trace”, with 10 tracks in is also a modern release, even of existence of  the 90’s influences. Check the music of Mr. Jaco on several streaming portals, he surely deserves your attention.