COILGUNS – “Shunners/Burrows”

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(Hummus Records/Bite It Promotion) 2021.
EP CD/12”LP/digital
Experimental/noise/lo-fi/hardcore – SWITZERLAND


Coilguns are well-known underground act, active on their homeland Switzerland and abroad. They are present on D.I.Y scene for more than 10 years, and during the period of existence,  the band in uncompromising way distributes their ideas and attitude.



Actual EP is 2 song release – “Shunners”/”Burrows”, where we can find well-known performing psychology, unpolished performing narrative, where several brutal genres, clashes through presented themes. Screaming voices, disturbing riffs, constant uptempo changes, are scenes whose pictures group deliver through mentioned EP. Coilguns as a band  accepts psychology of the 90’s period and that element is also part of their stylish views. Technically, and judging by  their production work, they capture a standards of our time. This is another strong and interesting release, done by Swiss act.