PAPERCUT – “Painless”

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(Self-released) 2022.
Various metal genres – USA

Without any important additional information on “Bandcamp” page, I have found an artist called Papercut, out of Escanaba, Michigan, and his several releases. Also is interesting, that in practically same period,  2 releases can be find here  and there – “Void” and “Painless”. In my opinion “Painless” as a album posses more interesting details than “Void”.



Judging by genre’s offering, we can find through 10 tracks, different metal variations, from so call older variants to newer tendencies. The songs from album were done in extreme metal relations, where we can find some death, hidden symphonic, a little nu metal variations, and many similar variants too.





From time to time so call screaming  vocalization turns to growl variants, but one I would say identical line, is here from first to last songs. Check ’em out !