NIKKI O’NEILL – “World Is Waiting”

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(Blackbird Records/Hemifran) 2020.
Americana/roots music/rhythm and blues/rock- USA

Singer/songwriter and guitar player – Nikki O’ Neill is recognized from worldwide authorities and audience as a talented and respectable author. She has released two albums, actual one titled “World Is Waiting”, done as a CD and digital, with 7 tracks in.




Nikki played guitar from her earliest age, and her music is also inspired by soul and general rhythm and blues legacy.
Together with Paul Menser, Nikki has mostly penned all the songs, where we can hear in one cohesive circle, elements of Americana, roots music, rhythm and blues, rock, as same as hidden soul elements as well. In Nikki’s interpretations, and general author’s views, we can find something from the periods of 70’s and 80’s, and something from known performers from mentioned era. Melodic traces are also presented in complete album material. I would add that practically all of the songs are done in mid to mid-up tempo, without unnecessary technical additional.





Nikki with her team has offered a pleasant and listenable material, acceptable for the followers of older and newer tendencies under the Americana and roots music options.