Alan Walks (Canada)

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Alan Walks has been making music for over two decades, from jazz to avant-garde electric, psychedelic, progressive rock and punk.

The first volume of the new double-volume album – “Life Of Fireflies” by Alan Walks! (Volume II was released shortly afterward, and both volumes are released together on CD).

All music, lyrics and artwork by Alan Walks

Very special thanks to musical guests:

Jody Brumell:
Drums on “Luminesce”, “IC Stars”, “Elegy”, “The Firefly”

Mike Fitzgibbon:
Drums on “Into the Night”, “Crickets”

Geoff Martel:
Keyboard solo on “Luminesce part 1”
Flute on “Elegy” and “The Firefly”

Mark Aspinall:
Tenor Saxophone on “Into the Night”

Theo and Ooma:
Violins on “Sailing” and “Crickets”

All other instruments on this volume (guitars, basses, keyboards, percussion, cello, horns, etc), and all guitar solos, by Alan Walks

Album cover painting by Alan Walks