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(Gallway Bay Music/Hemifran) 2019.
Americana/rock/various genres – USA

Veteran of many rock challenges, musician/author/artist – Peter Gallway is many years on the road. Some of worldwide music authorities calls him “a master of free verse”, and during the period of existence, he has released more than 25 albums, and has had produced over 50 albums and special projects too.

His experience is huge, and we can also say, that he is a master of his own genre’s forms.
Actual album from previous year, he has released with The Real Band, entitled “Reach For It”, and this is product with 13 tracks in.

Mark Wainer and Peter Gallway himself were producers of presented material, done in americana, also with folk and jazzy mood additional, with clear 60’s and 70’s spices too. Some  sentiments and emotions of mentioned 60’s and 70’s periods are clear, even that Peter’s authors originality is evident from first to last song.

He has offered a pleasant and listenable material, also with old-fashioned charm as well.