CHARLY BLISS – “Supermoon”

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(Self -released) 2019.
12”LP/EP digital
Indie pop/alter rock – USA


These days, a New York City based band Charly Bliss, has released an actual EP, with 5 tracks in, entitled “Supermoon” available digitally, and also as a 12”Vinyl release.



USA quartet with female fronted vocalist Eva Hendricks, isn’t unknown name on indie worldwide scene, and its discography started out in late 2013 year.



Gentle and irresistible vocalization and sound which is close equally to the period of 80’s, 90’s or nowadays, with clear melodic traces and certain touch of British new wave, are signatures of band’s exposures. “Supermoon” with 5 pretty listenable  songs, complete  with possible radio friendly using, mid-up tempo changes and minimal but clear performing beats, are identities of group’s style. Don’t hesitate to listen to their actual material, as same as previous products…