NUNCA SHADE – “Nunca Shade”

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(Self – released) 2018.
Indie pop/electronic – FRANCE

Nunca Shade is a female-male duo, out of France, active some period on national indie-underground scene. Line-up is consisting of:
Corinne CALLES: music-vocals-guitar-keyboards-electronics and
Mathieu PION : production-arrangements-keyboards-electronics.

Their  s/t album with 8 tracks in, has been released in limited edition CD digi format and digital.
Corrine and Mathieu has also received a help of additional musicians as a : Christophe LARDEAU,  Benoit LAVOLLEE , Pierre-Emmanuel MERIAUD , Roberto NEGRO. All presented tracks are mixed by Mathieu PION, except “Freakiest mood” mixed by Pierre-Emmanuel MERIAUD and
mastered by Pierre-Emmanuel MERIAUD. Album cover artwork has been designed by  Charlotte VOLTA.

Nunca Shade has been presented own sort of indie pop, added with enough electronic/experimental elements as well. Corrine voice posses specific narrative aspect on each of presented songs, where warm, sometimes melancholic atmosphere dominate through their musical  journey. All of the songs are done in mid to rarely mid-up tempo, with also some hypnotic parts, wisely created through arrangements parts,  by Corrine and Mathieu hands.
“Nunca Shade” is mature album done by French duo, especially interested for the followers of  indie pop and electronic tendencies.