Tarkus Live (Canada)

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TarkusLive, originating from Québec, is the only tribute band dedicated to the legendary British prog rock supergroup Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP) in Canada. Acknowledged around the world as musical pioneers, ELP are an icon in progressive rock’s history. The virtuosity, the complex arrangements and the rich sonic palette are all part of what made this music unique and difficult to perform, and TarkusLive is committed to recreating the ELP experience in all its beauty and power.




In order to create a world-class performance, TarkusLive uses the same analog equipment to produce the distinctive sounds that ELP were famous for; however, rather than being chained to a nostalgic snapshot, the show incorporates multimedia content and a fourth band member, enhancing the experience and allowing songs to be played in ways that had never been possible after their initial recording in the studio.





TarkusLive is:

Éric Leblond on percussion, François Collins on bass guitar, Stéphane Lavallée on keyboards and Christian Lavallée on guitars and vocals. TarkusLive is all about the passion, talent, experience and the attention to detail that are needed to perpetuate this ground-breaking body of work.