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(Darkscale Media) 2019.
Rock/progressive metal/progressive rock-USA

Out of Bergenfield, New Jersey, comes a band Ascending From Ashes. They are quartet line-up, and started out career in 2007 year. During the period of existence they have released 2 EP’s, and few weeks ago actual full-length, entitled “Glory”.

“Glory” is a serious project, some sort of storyteller and conceptual album with believe it or not,  17 recorded tracks/songs. Interesting CD cover artwork also followed up by 24 pages booklet.
Ascending From Ashes has offered unique variant of progressive rock/metal views, with interesting lyrical approach and strong acrobatic performing. Serious and strange arrangements followed up presented songs, as same as often uptempo changes. Different emotional statement as same as different moods can be found on presented material. Very modern and unique produced work also is a part of this complex release. “Glory” as an album, breaks the rules in many places, and this is undoubtedly, more than interesting release.