VORGA – “Radiant Gloom”

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(Self -released ) 2019.
EP CD/digital
Black metal – GERMANY

Vorga are multinational quartet out of Germany, whose story started out in 2016 year. On 20th of February this 2019, they have released an EP, with 4 tracks in, entitled : “Radiant Gloom”. On this EP, we can find a following tracks : “The Black Age”, “Argil”, “Divine”, “Hunger”.

First of all, its important to say, that members from band did  quite enough efforts in self-promotional activities, so we can see that many zines and portals informs about its product.

“Radiant Gloom” is modern black metal release, with fresh performing,powerful, mainly symphonic phrases, where the lyrics covers dark  themes. Production is modern, strong, rough and without any so call “polite” details. The members from band performs faster then we  can expect of other similar black acts. There’s no doubt, that this is very interesting EP for analyze, and in many aspects different from  other usual genre’s editions.