Hayward Williams (USA)

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Hayward_Williams..Personal pictureHayward Williams is a veteran singer songwriter from Milwaukee, WI. With 6 full length records under his belt, Williams is set to release his latest effort, ”Pretenders”. This record is yet another swan dive into the deep end of the americana and soul world that Hayward tends to reside in.

Growing up in Wisconsin in the 80’s and 90’s convinced Hayward Williams to search for something more out there in the world. Foregoing higher education, he joined a band and learned much about what to do and what not to do in the Midwest music scene.

Playing in pubs for many years , getting thick skin and finding a notably sharp tongue, avenues opened up to Williams. Headlining European tours, major US festivals and a few trips to Australia later, Hayward has carved out an impressive niche in the folk music business.

HAYWARD WILLIAMS..CDCover 2Williams’ previous release, ”The Reef”, was produced by venerated songwriter, friend and collaborator Jeffrey Foucault. Utilizing an impressive rhythm section of Billy Conway (Morphine) on drums and Jeremy Moses Curtis (Booker T, Levon Helm) on bass, ”The Reef” is an unequaled americana record with soaring vocals and hooks that dig in deep.

The new album ”Pretenders” was recorded in October of 2016 at Midwest Sound in Rockford, IL, under a full moon and the care of Dan McMahon and Jeremy Koester. Hayward and J Hardin would co-produced the album. Charles Koltak, who played drums on Williams’ ”Haymaker ” album in 2012 teamed up with Jeremy Moses Curtis in the rhythm section. Corey Matthew Hart of Madison, WI,  would lend his talented voice and guitar work to the project during one late night session. Finally, Brooks Milgate would send his B3 performances in remotely from the east coast adding a layer to the project that would fit in with any Al Green classic.