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CRAVINKEL..plakatGerman rock band, lead by one Gert “Kralle” Krawinkel (becoming later a member of Trio ), blending country and folk musics into Anglo-American type rock (in a similar way to Nordic bands of the era like Culpepper’s Orchard).

After the release of their self titled debut L.P., the band found themselves in London to embark on a European tour with Frumpy and Spooky Tooth, and opening “The Love-And-Peace Festival” (Europe’s answer to the “Woodstock” Festival.) in September, 1970. (technical problems led to the band’s premature abortion of their set).
1971 saw not only the release of their second album, but also a change in lineup, which led to a more “progressive” sound.
In early 1972, the house that the band inhabited in Volkmarst burned down, along with all of their belongings, after which, the band dissolved.


Cravinkel 1970
Garden Of Loneliness 1971