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slave-girls-band-pictureSlaveGirls Band consists of three, sometimes four members, none of which are girls. Sorry, it’s just a name. Pete, Jamie, and Mark on guitar, drums, and base, are the founding members of the band and make up the rhythm section of the tunes. Lately, the band has the great fortune of an added member.

We welcome Joe and the fantastic lead guitar playing he brings to the SlaveGrils organization. Mostly, Jamie sings, and mostly we record music at the old studio. We are however ready to be out playing in the Sacramento California area as soon as you invite us to your party, or event.

slave-girls-band-picture-2SlaveGirls band originated in the Sacramento California area in 1998. This original Rock band has an innovative approach to song writing. The songs are totally original, yet hauntingly familiar. The performances are a high energy. The genres cover anywhere from mellow folk, to hard rock, with a Jam Band overtone.

slave-girls-band-picture-3We hope you will remember the name and invite us to have some fun at your next party, or event. We are not your usual old cover copy band.

The band would love to perform anywhere in the Sacramento / Tahoe area and terms are always negotiable. SlaveGirls is credited with 30 plus impressive original songs. “We are just looking to share some of our music and have a little fun doing so.”