Freebird (USA)

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FREEBIRD..BandPictureStart Date:
Started in 2003

Lynynrd Skynyrd and Southern Rock Tribute

Band Members:
Al – Lead Vocals, Percussion & Comedian Extraordinaire /
Timmy – Lead, Slide, Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals /
Tom – Lead, Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals /
Jim – Piano, Keybords & Backing Vocals /
Jimbo – Bass & Backing Vocals /
Jack – Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals

Long Description:
Paying tribute to one of the greatest bands in Rock & Roll History, and then some…
Entertaining all those who come out to see us. Enjoying watching everyone have a great time dancing, singing and partying along with us.
Hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows. Peace!

FreeBird is a band that exclusively plays the great songs of one of the best bands ever, Lynyrd Skynyrd. FreeBird is a “sound-alike” band, faithfully playing and sounding just like the real deal. Skynyrd wrote and played some the most rockin, high-energy, fun, kick-ass music ever done. FreeBird is out to play those great songs as close to the originals as possible because Skynyrd really knew how to rock, so why mess with a great thing.

FREEBIRD..LogoNow, there are a lot of Southern Rock bands out there and some of them sound great, and they may play a few Skynyrd tunes in their show, and you should go out and see them—we support them. But if you want to have a totally Skynyrd experience, then you gotta see FreeBird because the band ONLY does Skynyrd, the way they sounded and played. FreeBird is a true tribute: You want to hear Skynyrd the way they played live, and that’s what you get.

FREEBIRD.Bandpicture2You’ll hear the Skynyrd standards like Sweet Home Alabama, Gimme Three Steps, and of course Freebird. And you’ll hear excellent songs that you may not have heard for awhile like Gimme Back My Bullets, Whiskey Rock-a-Roller, Needle and the Spoon, and T for Texas. And you’ll hear some Skynyrd songs you may not have heard for a long, long time like What’s your Name, You Got That Right, and Double Trouble.

With free bird, you’ll swear to God the original Skynyrd was reborn and playin up there on the stage.