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RAFE PEARLMAN..personal pictureRafe is a Strong, soulful, sexy and spiritual  singer and  composer who uses organic and electronic elements to move his audience into transcendent experiences. With his high baritone voice, Rafe synthesizes diverse vocal influences ranging from American soul music, with its funky secular testifying, to Far Eastern devotional music. As a lyricist and composer, Rafe’s current projects explore themes of love, freedom, beauty, sexuality, transcendence, and transformation.

Rafe is currently writing, recording, & developing two personal projects. The first, Atlanteans,  is a house-music-infused album focused for club and festival dance floors, where he takes ultimate freedom in vocal expression. A  separate project that Rafe is developing, The Death and Resurrection Show,  is an audio-visual spectacle for live venues that  incorporates his multiple stage personas, expresses his personal experience of the mythological, shamanic and spiritual realms, and pays homage to his kinship with Rock-n-Roll-historical figures.

Rafes’ projects Currently in the hot seat:

Atlanteans: Atlanteans

Soulful, sexy, and spiritual, this vocal-centered electronic dance album employs classic hit-the-dance-floor deep-house rhythms and Rafe’s unique voice. A postmodern synthesis of vocal influences ranging from American soul to Eastern devotional singing. Some downtempo chill out tracks are woven in for those soft-seats cuddle-puddle sessions.

The Death And Resurrection Show

A live audio-visual music experience showcasing Rafe’s voice and multiple musical and mythological stage personas with on an eclectic synthesis of rock and roll, soul, and electronic songwriting.

 Bringing to the public a show that incorporates Rafe’s interest in the mythological as well as his artistic expressions of his personal shamanic and spiritual experiences/journey and kinship with Rock-n-Roll-historical figures.

Rafe Pearlman currently has roots in Seattle and Los Angeles, where he performs solo concerts, leads workshops, and selectively collaborates with various musicians. In addition to developing his own personal projects, Rafe is also known as a member of  the Earth Harp Collective, where he is a power-singer with an intensely moving stage presence, touring the globe to give spectacular audio-visual performances with the world’s largest stringed instrument.