CARY HUDSON – “Ole Blue”

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(Old Trace Records/Hemifran) 2024.
Rock/country rock/ blues rock/roots music – USA

Cary Hudson is a familiar name under the sky of southern rock/ music area. He was born in the town of Sumrall Mississippi , and he was also a lead singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist of USA southern rock/ band Blue Mountain.His solo career is also respectable, and with actual one he has released 8 albums.




He is one of the person and artist, who is in his own way recapitulate and research various faces of roots music, and he always offers listeners his vision of various genre and performance solutions within the mentioned form. So, the same situation is also with his actual album, where we can find 10 songs in, done in good mood and performed with great experience. All of the songs were performed and sung in different varieties of rock/country rock/, blues rock, but you never lose the feeling, that the songs “vibrate” with freshness and a good atmosphere. “Ole Blue” is an album made in the present moment, but its positive side is that it can easily be accepted by supporters of this type of music, who left their listening interests in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s period of the previous century.
“Ole Blue” is made of good songs and good atmosphere. Quite enough, and I would add more than perhaps expected.