THE INNER ME – “Rosabelle Beleive”

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(Kromazonta) 2024.
CD /digital
Heavy metal -AUSTRIA

The Inner Me band/project is a brainchild of guitarist/composer Reinhard “Kotza” Muller, who recently released with two collaborators a current album called “Rosabelle Beleive”, and this is a concept album about the life and death of Harry Houdini.


We can find here and there  12 songs, realized in descriptive and complex, also pictorial textual approach, where elements of heavy metal with additions of power variants, occasional symphonic breakthroughs dominate the songs arranged here. The songs are done on a faster rhythm, played in “one breath”, and the very atmosphere present here is set in a similar psychological way. There is no doubt that a lot of effort was invested in the realization of an edition of this kind, which is also accompanied by a recognizable mannerist approach, close to the period of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. “Rosabelle Believe” is a serious achivement, where the concept itself plays an indispensable role, and in the end the material is completely present and should be viewed as a conceptual achievement. The technical details of the album are completely satisfactory,  as well as the interesting accompanying 12-page colored CD booklet. Rainhard “Kotza Muller in his own way continues to create his story and  concept around his favorite genre form.