GRUPO POLO MONTANEZ – “Joyas del Guajiro”

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(Lusafrica/Sony/VeevCom) 2024.
Cuban music/Latin – CUBA

The opus and work of the tragically deceased songwriter Polo Montanez ( died in 2002.), continues thanks to the activities of the band that continues his tradition, and whose individual members once collaborated or included themselves in work with him. Actual and new album with previously 10 unreleased songs is here. 14th June was date of its release, titled “Joyas del Guajiro”. The opus from the album will be presented in September 2024 in Paris at a special launch concert ( date and venue to be announced ).



Actual album was recorded  in the “dBega studios” in Havana and features 10 previously unreleased songs from the work of Polo Montanez. His band now represents songs with same emotion, showing the world  that legacy of Polo is till alive through his music.
The line-up consists of the following five experienced members :

Amaury Romero Borrego – musical director, arranger, bongo and minor percussion;
Yosleny Chirino Vegas – lead vocals;
Gladys Perez Reyes – singer and maracas;
Luis Romero Hernandez – guitar and backing vocals;
Jose Angel Padron -conga and minor percission…

Through the 10 arranged songs, we witness an atmosphere that can equally be “placed” in the 60’s or some other time, but where a romantic sensibility, and pleasant and somewhat non-classical optimistic atmosphere dominates all the time, while you participate in the act of listening to the material. All the time the band offers a simple, but undoubtedly sincere emotion, where the past and the present alternate in their vocal-interpretive way.
There is no doubt that such a listenable and melodic release also carries with it numerous other messages, which you will gradually discover with pleasure.