BROCK DAVIS – “Everyday Miracle”

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(Raintown Records/Hemifran) 2024.
Americana/rots music – USA

Brock Davis is a singer/songwriter, also troubadour and author with strong signature. His legacy is also respectable, and more or less, all of his songs talks about personal, emotional and experienced events, life stories and feelings.


Without a  doubt he is author with huge experience, and actual album he has produced with legendary Zach Allen. And we can find on “Everyday Miracle” 13 songs done in mostly mid to mid-up tempo, where lyrical approach represents the leading backbone of the songs that the artist sings about. The songs are mostly of a personal nature and talk about experienced impressions, and the way Brock Davis performs it, he knows how to remind on artists and songwriters from some earlier decades. I would add that the material from the album is uniform, although the author himself lists certain compositions as particularly important to him.



“Everyday Miracle” is one of those expected Brock Davis releases, with which he continues the tradition of expressive message that has characterized him until now.